College Prep Checklist


Date Due

Date Done

__ Complete College Planner Course 10th or 11th Year ________
__ Attend College Days for college of interest 10th or 11th Year ________
__Begin SAT or ACT exam preparation Junior Year ________
__Order class rings May of Jr. Year ________
__Review Academic Projection September Sr. Year ________
__Register for SAT or ACT testing  (Enter possible college choices.  If prepared, take test early enough to allow time for a retake.) September ________
__Schedule senior pictures October ________
__Complete College Application November ________
__Get measured and order cap and gown November ________
__Order graduation announcements December ________
__Complete scholarship applications November ________
__Apply for Pell Grants, Federal Loans (FAFSA) December ________
__ Complete other financial applications Before March 1 ________
__Request GPA printout through 1st Semester February 1 ________
__Request transcript through 1st Semester February 1 ________
__Submit transcript requests for college apps February 1 ________
__Register to retake SAT/ACT, if needed Jan. / Feb. ________
__Send out graduation announcements (minimum average of $10-$20 each) April ________
__Purchase Thank You Cards April ________
__Graduation ________
__Send Thank You Cards for all gifts May/June ________